The Communique

Communiqué Newsletter

The association distributes its quarterly newsletter to members in print and electronic format. Two NCSHLA members - one audiologist and one speech/language pathologist, are elected by the voting membership for a two-year term - to serve as the publication's managing editors.

The Communiqué provides NCSHLA members with quarterly updates on events and activities in the profession. All issues can be downloaded online from within the members area.

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Publication Policies

All copy for Communiqué must be in the NCSHLA Central Office by the deadlines listed below. Deadlines will be followed strictly. All copy must be neat and clearly typed, double- or triple-spaced. Clearly legible fax or email copy will be accepted. Letters and articles from members are encouraged, but space limitations demand that letters exceeding 200 words may be edited for publication. The Editors reserve the right to condense or reject any material submitted. Opinions in letters and articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of NCSHLA.

Copy Submission Deadlines

January 15th - (Spring Issue)

April 30th (Summer Issue)

July 31st (Autumn Issue)

October 31st (Winter Issue)

Advertising Rates & Regulations

NCSHLA encourages advertising in Communiqué. Each advertisement will be printed according to the typed copy submitted. Communiqué accepts advertising for employment opportunities within North Carolina only. All individuals/companies requesting advertising in more than one issue must notify the Editors of each request. The following rates have been set by the NCSHLA Board of Directors and Editorial Board for Communiqué advertising:*+

Line Advertisments

NCSHLA member $10.00/issue
Non-member $25.00/issue

Display Advertising

Full page $150.00/issue
Half page $100.00/issue
Quarter page $50.00/issue

*NCSHLA Corporate members receive a 10% discount on these rates.
+A $50 premium will be added to the rate for requested ad placement, such as cover placement.