Mission, Vision & Value Statements

Mission Statement

The North Carolina Speech, Hearing and Language Association (NCSHLA) will function as a conduit of current and relevant information to speech/language pathologists, audiologists and clients through its publications, annual meetings, website, central office and special events. The Association's overriding objective is for the citizens of North Carolina to be served by theoretically, therapeutically and technologically adept practitioners.

Recognizing that professional networking across the state only strengthens and broadens the services provided by speech/language pathologists and audiologists, the Association will strive to create and further develop opportunities for interaction utilizing all communication modalities available but without de-emphasizing the importance of face-to-face contact.

NCSHLA will monitor the environments in which speech/language pathologists and audiologist practice their trade and the laws, policies and guidelines that govern their practice in order to facilitate improved working conditions, eliminate barriers to effect service provision and increase opportunities for clinicians to grow throughout their individual careers.

NCSHLA will preserve its robust relationship with and build additional links to the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association to maintain strong and viable entities to support the practice of audiology and speech/language pathology.

Vision Statement

Communication is the lifeblood of society. It flows and nourishes human interactions on every level and in every place and it is the vehicle by which all thoughts and feelings are transmitted. The North Carolina Speech, Language and Hearing Association dedicates itself to supporting the practitioners, administrators and scientists who, through their collective or individual efforts, seek to serve individuals who are not able to realize all the potential of human communication due to disease, disorder or developmental delay.

Furthermore, the Association will work to provide information to individuals who are in need of services, their families and friends, and institutions who support the provision of communication services in any form or manner.

Core Values

Human communication is essential to social success, happiness and well-being.

Individuals with communication impairments deserve to be served by well-trained practitioners who consistently endeavor to upgrade their skills and knowledge base.

The practice of speech/language pathology and audiology must be based on principals and knowledge that have been and continue to be rigorously tested through the scientific process.

All individuals deserve the highest standards of care regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or social standing.

The services provided by speech/language pathologists and audiologists should be, to the fullest extent possible, equitably available to all the citizens of this state.